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Colombia climbed 25 positions in the global innovation ladder

Newspaper, El Tiempo: http://www.eltiempo.com/amp/economia/sectores/colombia-subio-en-el-escalafon-mundial-de-innovacion-121604


In spite of everything, Colombia has made progress in the last 7 years in innovation and entrepreneurship, key today in modern economies to generate growth, quality employment and greater well-being among the population.

After occupying the 90th position in 2010 and split with 2.76 in the Global Innovation Index, an indicator that evaluates the most innovative economies among 128 countries, in 2017 it was in position 65, with a rating of 34.78. And in entrepreneurship, in which he was ranked 79 in 2015, in 2016 he rose to 44.

Much of this improvement is attributed to the National Government’s policy of betting precisely on entrepreneurship and innovation through roads such as the creation of Innpulsa Colombia. This entity, born in 2012 and attached to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, has been working on the mission of marking the creation of companies of the future with programs, activities and budgets that motivate their creativity to generate new products, goods and services Make them more competitive.

For the general manager of Innpulsa Colombia, Juan Carlos Garavito, “if companies do not innovate to continue growing, they will end up dying. And this is not only a case of Colombia. ”

“In the country, if you want to sophisticate and diversify the basket of the productive offer,” he added, “you don’t just have to continue investing in innovation and entrepreneurship. You have to, above all, change the mindset. “Colombians are very creative, but they penalize the mistake very strongly, so they don’t take the risk of innovating and growing, when you also learn from mistakes.”

The bet now is that Colombia is the third largest economy in Latin America by 2025 and the third most competitive in 2032.

For this, one of the programs launched by the entity was that of Mega Entrepreneurs. In its first edition, it invited 12 leading companies in the country in entrepreneurship, to design and implement new businesses.

Family, Haceb, Inexmoda, Protection, Carbochemistry, Davivienda, EL TIEMPO, Busscar, Frisby, Induma, Inelco and Cerámica Italia participated.

In 18 months of work, 35 projects emerged, some are already in the implementation stage and others will soon be released. Here we present three of them.

From anywhere in Colombia or the world, the owner or manager of a company can see on a mobile phone, tablet or computer what happens with the electrical installations of his factory or company; You can monitor, for example, if the switches on your electrical panels are connected or turned off; at what point the highest consumption is recorded and thus apply the corrective measures.

This will be possible thanks to a technological package, an application and an interconnected system to the internet network with technology called internet of things, already in market tests. It was implemented by Inelco S. A. S., one of the oldest electrical and telecommunications engineering firms in the country, along with Boards Eléctricos S. A.-Tablesa, located in Yumbo, Valle.

It will be the first company of national origin to offer this system, designed and implemented for a year under the direction of the president of Inelco, Jorge Velásquez, electrical engineer and business administrator who had executed a similar project for monitoring (Scada) of telephone networks municipalities in Cali, Medellin and Cartagena.

This is one of the three innovation projects in which the company has worked and which has been supported by Innpulsa Colombia.

The other project, in process of patent of invention before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce and selected by the Mega Emprendedores program of Innpulsa Colombia for its development, is a motorized machine, street sweeper, which sweeping operators can use, instead of the brooms. “It will be a tool that will allow them to work in cities in a more comfortable, productive and safe way,” Velasquez said.

And a third project that, in reality, was the first with which the innovative entrepreneurial processes began in the company two years ago was the search for efficiency that led to the creation of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Business Unit in the firm .

Cerámica Italia, a Cúcuta company, one of the leaders in the production of ceramic floor and wall coverings in the country and offering other items for remodeling and construction, will expand its portfolio in the latter market.

The company, born 34 years ago and that produces a million square meters of ceramics per month, is preparing a new productive offer.

It will bring to the market new products for construction and other sectors of the national economy, according to the leader of the company’s projects, Lorena Cely.

The three projects that will generate the new production lines from the raw material that the company has always used, clay, had their origin in the Mega Emprendedores program of Innpulsa Colombia.

“The fact of having a global panorama of growth and the new goals set motivated us to participate in the Mega Entrepreneurs program,” said Cely.

The expansion of the portfolio and the incursion into new markets are part of the strategy of Ceramics Italy to quintuple the operation and sales in a period of five years, so that they go from 130,000 million pesos annually to at least 650,000 million .

The above will be supported by the increase of its specialized products and the commercialization abroad through strategic allies.

Not only companies can have great innovative projects and ventures. A system like that of fashion, too, and this was evidenced by the six ideas proposed by the Inexmoda Institute to Innpulsa Colombia, of which two were finally endorsed.

The first project was ‘e-learning’, consisting of online training or specialized virtual courses in the fashion industry and industry.

“It is to provide specialized knowledge for the fashion system at any time and place, through collaborative, didactic learning and with the best content quality. Time and costs are saved, ”said Inexmoda President Carlos Eduardo Botero.

The second initiative that the institute works is ‘crowdfunding’, which is the development of the financing model for fashion projects and the industry and clothing industry through donation and recognition system.


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